Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Question Interview With Kim :)


1. Where can we find you? At

2. What is the link for the best review you have had?

3 Why did you choose Solstice? I wanted to expand my work. Solstice is my fourth publisher so far.

4. What’s your favorite cover you have seen recently? (feel free to add a picture but please try to keep it pg 13 lol!)  I have thirteen covers and I love them all. Each of them represents a different book and they are all unique.

5. What catches your attention with other books?  I love story clips. If a clip catches my attention then I’ll read the book

6. Do you treat a book as a book, for the story inside, or do you judge a book by the author and or the way it’s published? I love to read so the story itself has to catch my attention.

7. Ebooks VS Books (Feel free to explain) Ebooks are fine for those who love to read from  a kindle or a nook but there is nothing better than holding a book in your hand. I know ebooks are becoming more popular but I love print books too.

8. If you can have anyone read your book and give you feedback who would it be and why?

9. What is it that addicted you to your genre? I love the can’t wait to turn the next page feeling suspense gives me and I try to pass that on to my readers. I can’t wait to put my characters into a stressful situation and see what they do to get out of it.

10 Your favorite author. There are so many I can’t choose just one

11. Favorite color. blue

12. Something your bio’s won’t tell us. A story can come from anything, a phrase, something you happen to see. I was sitting on a balcony in Jamaica one morning and I noticed someone had left a sand sculpture on the beach. That along gave me the idea for a novel titled Where Evil Lurks. I have yet to write the book but I got the idea from what I saw that morning on the beach.

13. Advice to others? If you want something bad enough never give up on your dreams. It may take a while for you to achieve them but it’s worth it in the end.

14. If you have a day job how do you balance everything. By making time 15 minutes here and there add up. You just have to make it

15. What does your writing schedule look like. Most days all I do is write but when I have the grandkids I write when ever I can

16. Do you find that writing keep you sane? Absolutely. I had so many scenes running through my head I had to write them down. I think the more I write the better I get at it. That’s why I try to write something every day.

17. If you could bring one of your characters to life, would you, and why? Possibly. My main characters are strong, independent, honest persons and the world needs those traits.

18. If you had a magical power what would if be?

19. Do you believe in magic? Yes, there is magic all around us, most people just don’t see it.

20. If we were to play rock paper scissors what would your first choice be? Paper, it covers everything

21. If you could control one of the elements what would it be?

22. What annoys you in books? When the writer just doesn’t make sense and the story is choppy and discomboubled.

23. Have you ever came across a book you don’t know why a publisher published? yes

23. Are you a grammar nazi, or do you find yourself more intertwined with the story to deal with the editing part. More intertwined in the story aspect. The editing can come later

24. Do you believe in self publishing?

25. Make up a question and have at it J

26. Tell us a joke.

27. What is the weirdest thing you have come across in your writing career? The fact that the simplist things can be the beginnings of a book

28. Randomly tell us what you thought as you were reading these questions.

29. Are you a believer in Karma.

30. Give a shout out to another writer, you can include their links work ect. Heather Matthews, Bruce Sarte and McKinzie S Heart  they are all wonderful writers

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  1. That morning in Jamaica sounds lovely! Very nice interview.