Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

Love doesn't always die with the body.  Sometimes it lingers as in KJ Dahlen's novel about the secrets of the Bradbury Inn.

The town is filled with rumors claiming Bradbury Inn is haunted. The spirits of Claire and Matilda Bradbury and George Walker have haunted the inn since a fire destroyed it eighty years ago.

Jillian Levy has come to Bradbury Inn to discover the truth behind the hauntings. Shortly after she arrives the only other person who was at the Inn all those years ago returns.

Mathew Nixen has returned to find his true love, Matilda. He believes the only way to break the inn's curse and set his love's spirit free is to find her body.

Together they search for answers, but will it be too late? They must get Jillian out of the inn before Death comes to take the souls he was denied so long ago.

Can they save her in time?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

Author Krissy Williams explores the dark, and sometimes ghostly secrets of small town life in Breath.

Shortly after her grandmother's passing, Sirabelle is notified that she is the beneficiary of her family's rambling old house. There's just one catch -- it's located in the sleepy little town of Tulip, Georgia. she decides that a trip to her family's hometown is just the distraction she needs. Sirabelle takes a leave of absence from her hectic job and packs her bags. Soon after she arrives, she begins receiving unusual and cryptic messages from beyond. She finds she must discover the answers to a myriad of questions. Who is reaching out to her from beyond the grave? Why do they need her help, and what is the mystery surrounding the town's old historical church? In Tulip, all is not what it seems and "don't ask, don't tell" appears to be the rule of order. But that won't suffice for Sirabelle. She vows to get honest answers and figure out how she and her family are involved. When she unravels the evil and horrible truth, she and the town of Tulip will never be the same again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

Of course, sometimes the dead just won't let us move on - as in Sabrina Conrad's Black Rose.

Unaware of her family legacy, Sarah Griffith inherited a family estate in Savannah, Georgia. From the moment she arrived at Magnolia Estate, Sarah felt a connection to the historic family home. Bearing a strong resemblance to the painting of Elizabeth Griffith, the former mistress of Magnolia Estate, she knew, for the first time in her life, she belonged.

But strange ghostly occurrences and threats on her life force Sarah to realize that the home harbors darker secrets. She embarks on a mission to solve the mysteries and learn the meaning behind the rose. Only when her faith is shattered can she learn the truth.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

Horror and fear of what waits beyond this life is both a grim comfort and a rich vein of literary gold.

Why not check out The Ghost Garden by Martina Mercer?

Tinsey James believes in all things supernatural. When her father dies unexpectedly, she isn't surprised when his ghost shows up, but she still has no idea how to cope with the pain. With her family in shock, Tinsey feels it's up to her to fill the void he's left. Her mother is vulnerable, her brother unreliable, and her own son, Mickey, won't quit calling for his grandfather. As advertisers and bullying customers begin circling her bookshop, Tinsey must cling to other-worldly encounters with her father in their meeting place, the Ghost Garden, and trust his advice will get her through. Warnings don't prepare her for a sudden life altering interruption to her fragile world. It will take divine intervention and a boxing club, for Tinsey to learn how to apply everything her father has taught her and develop a courageous determination she never knew she had. In one life changing moment, can Tinsey conquer every fear she's ever faced and fight to hold her family together while letting her father go?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 14 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

Ever wonder what it would be like to suddenly become human? Or to try and save someone from a hit list? Learn how this cat does both in

When Mallory opens the cage at the animal rescue center I trot out, right into her heart. She names me Thomas, a natural enough moniker for a male cat. It is a pampered life until I enter the surreal world of “feline noir” which twists my fondest dream into my worst nightmare after switching bodies with my mistress’ boyfriend, Tom A. Katt.

My fondest dream? To have human interaction with Mallory, not limited to purring and mewing.

My worst nightmare? Mallory is now on the hit list of a killer…

The dilemma: To save her by learning to successfully masquerade as a human. My knowledge of the human world is limited to television, movies, and the books Mallory reads to me on rainy New Orleans afternoons. And, how do you use those pesky opposable digits, anyway?

The horns of the dilemma: There’s always a chance we’ll switch back, leaving Mallory in deadly peril.

Day 13 of our 31 Days of Spooky

Day 13 of our 31 days of Spooky takes us into the troubled life of Alex. Haunted by his past, and troubled by the tortures of today, meet a young man who truly feels your pain. This book will take your breath away!

Alex is twenty and confused. He always is. The world presses on him with its horrors and pain, with scintillating auras that pierce his eyes and drive the migraines deeper. He hears the cries of children, the screaming women. He sees the brutal images of the tortured victims. He feels out of control and his mind slips...
Severely abused as a child, he is left with horrible scars on his body and even worse scars within his mind. Even though it puts him in danger, he’s compelled to help those who call to him. He’s driven, motivated by his visions to rescue them and uncover the killer. When he can, he helps the police; yet some detectives suspect he’s the cause of the problem, not the solution. Often, Alex finds himself alone and afraid in a world he doesn’t always comprehend.

Friday, October 12, 2012

I don't remember telling ghost stories around the campfire, but I do remember reading them late at night with my blankets pulled over my head, flashlight in hand. The scariest was about the babysitter getting calls from somewhere inside the house. Of course, this was back when most people had land lines and cellphones were non-existent! 

What was your favorite story? scariest story?

Day 12 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

Day 12 of our 31 Days of Spooky takes us from a posh London apartment to a decrepit, cursed farm in rural Scotland. 

Ecstatic at a vast fortune left him by a mysterious uncle he’s never met, John travels from his home in New Zealand to Britain to claim his inheritance. There he is immediately captivated by the lovely and psychic legal assistant, Kathryn. Together, John and Kathryn seek to unravel the common mysteries hidden in a posh London apartment building, a scenic York country house and a decrepit, cursed farm in rural Scotland.

Together, they discover a tale of violence and heartbreak spanning thirteen hundred years and several incarnations. John knows that they must free the spirits of these lovers who have been trapped apart for centuries. If he and Kathryn are unsuccessful, there may not be any hope for their own present day love.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 11 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

 The last in our spine-tingling short stories brings us two books by Jonathan Isenor

“What do you mean my parents are dead?” Jack Foster yelled at the phone.

With those few words Jack Foster’s world forever changed. His much-loved parents were dead in an apparent double suicide. Left to pick up the pieces with his somewhat estranged brother, Jack soon discovers that there may have been more to their parents’ death than meets the eye and he immediately suspects the cold-hearted sibling, Ripley.

But when a series of bizarre letters start arriving at Jack’s home, apparently sent from beyond the grave signed by his dead parents, a terrified Jack realizes he’s dealing with much more than sibling rivalry and seeks to uncover the shocking truth of his parents’ demise, and their link to the legendary Dead City.


“Mom! Dad! No!” Jake cried as he dropped to his knees, hands shaking and coated in their blood.
Jake Anderson’s life had always been shrouded in mystery; and a feeling that he was living a lie constantly nagged at him. When a journal shows up from an unaddressed sender and someone begins to act out his nightmares killing his loved ones, things start to spin out of control. 

But with the victims blood on his hands is he creeping toward insanity or merely uncovering a truth?

Day 10 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

Another short story for our 31 Days of Spooky. This short will show you that it isn't a crash landing that should worry you. It's the forces of evil you encounter afterward that you should worry about! Find out more in

J.L. Petty's Death and the Journalist

After a mysterious malfunction crashes flight 102, Michael, the only survivor, is trapped in a deadly showdown with a supernatural force ... that wants to collect his soul.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our 9th Day of 31 Days of Spooky!

If digging around underground weren’t scary enough, here’s a story that will convince you otherwise!

When a traumatized mining foreman is placed under the psychiatric care of Dr. Vincent Armstrong, the doctor thinks he has started just another shift. But as the victim begins to remember what drove him temporarily insane, Armstrong’s interest becomes personal, and he makes a series of discoveries that threaten to tear apart his carefully constructed scientific view of the world, and show in horrifying clarity that his patient is anything but delusional.
As Armstrong’s world falls apart, his recovering patient learns that he has not escaped the horrors he encountered underground, and that no place on earth is truly safe from the “Tunnelers.”

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 8 of 31 Days of Spooky!

On our 8th day of 31 Days of Spooky we explore the tantalizing touch of vampires in the Evolved series by Jude Stephens.
Our first book in the series is Scent of a Vampire
On a trip to Atlantic City with her best friend, Olivia Sherman discovers that she is an evolved being with highly developed senses. She also discovers that there are other evolved species in the world, including two extremely hot vampires that for some reason want her.
Roberto Valente is a dark, sensuous vampire who is used to being in command. Olivia finds herself drawn to him and what he can teach her about her out of control passion. Alexander Sandstrom is the light to Roberto’s darkness. It seems that the fun loving vampire doesn’t take anything too serious except his feelings for Olivia.
Overwhelmed and confused she is faced with an even greater threat. A secret organization, The Guardians want to use her abilities to hunt and kill the Evolved whom they consider abominations.
Her life in turmoil, she must choose her path and follow her heart to the vampire that is her destiny.

The second book of the series is Touch of a Vampire
Three months after learning she is one of The Evolved, Orenda Sherman’s world is turned upside down by betrayal. Deciding to take command of her own fate, Orenda begins a journey to discover her Native American heritage.
What she finds is a handsome man named Cheve, who will train her to fulfill her destiny of uniting the Evolved and the human race. Not only will he train her mind and body, but he will teach her how to control the flames of desire that are so easily ignited by the right touch.
Interrupting this crucial training are the two sexy vampires Orenda became entangled with in Atlantic City, Roberto who claims her heart and Alex who claims her soul. Orenda’s destiny will take her from a hidden Native American village to a unique resort reserved for The Evolved in the Bahamas where she will confront not only her ties to the two vampires, but those that seek to destroy her.

Third book of the Evolved series is Sleeping with the Jersey Devil
For 275 years Leeds lived in seclusion in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey letting very few people into his solitary life. When he finds a beautiful woman left for dead he really wants to walk away but when he discovers she is a Chinthe, one of the Evolved species, he decides to help her hoping she may in turn help him relieve his pent up sexual tension.
It doesn’t take long for Leeds to realize he’s in too deep. Mya Tun is being hunted by the Chinese Mafia for stealing the world’s largest diamond. But far worse, he finds himself caught in a web of sexual pleasure that he’s not sure he wants to escape.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 7 of our 31 Days of Spooky

Next up on our 31 Days of Spooky we explore the horrifying talents of Carlos Pozo. With his two collections of mini horror stories, and a short artifact story with a terrifically terrible twist, you’re sure to shiver this Sunday!

Mary and Charley are archaeologists with a difference. Since her accident on a mountain in Peru, Mary can think of nothing but crossing over into the world of the dead. Bound to her wheelchair, she eventually manages to decipher the inscription on the Inca stone. In "The Explorers," she and her husband proceed to work out the details of a deadly ritual. Call it success or failure, in the end their basement is a river of blood, Charley has crossed over, and Mary pays a horrible price.

It's a dimension of evil but also of enlightening with a unique touch of the paranormal/horror. If you love "The Twilight Zone" and "Tales from the Crypt" then ---"More Than Tales" is a great substitute. Carlos M. Pozo makes fiction almost real.
"Sit your mind on the rocking chair of the imagination, and fasten your seatbelt because the impact might kill you"

And if More Than Tales doesn't fill your creepy-meter, then be sure to read the sequel:

Day 6 of 31 Days of Spooky

October 6
There’s nothing like a curse to cast chaos on our descent into creepy…

Cursed by a jealous goddess 200 years ago, Israel Alexander is doomed to wander the earth in search of his brothers. To live a normal life he must find a woman named after the daughter of a titan, and kill her.
As far as men go, Israel Alexander is one fine specimen. With rugged features, sparkling eyes, and a smile that can light a small city, his appeal is hard to resist. So, why does Calypso James have murder on her mind every time she looks at him?
In a cat and mouse game through time, Calypso and Israel find they share more than deadly intentions. Is love enough to break a curse built from the foundations of mythology? Or will someone make the ultimate sacrifice?

Day 5 of 31 Days of Spooky

October 5

Ever feel like you’re here for some other purpose? Like eating your lovers heart out? Tag along as FBI Agent Wainright discovers her true destiny. Warning, this contains adult content that will keep you hot through any October chill!

For over a thousand years, LORD AIDAN HARTLAND OF WESTLAKE and his lover have in turn been eating each other’s hearts in order to regenerate. Now he’s back with his new identity- and the perpetual mission of protecting his woman and mankind from the demon Zendor that has no mate and eats human hearts at random to survive.

FBI agent ROBYN WAINRIGHT, assigned to investigate the strange deaths, is still unaware of her past, and determined to nail Westlake, with his mad tales of demons, paranormal powers and his eternal love for her. But the erotic visions she keeps having are driving her insane…

Day 4 of 31 Days of Spooky

October 4
A dark night adventure was never so blood-curdling!

Two small town friends, Kyra and Sam find themselves lost in the middle of the night. A spur of the moment decision to explore a deserted road turns into their worst nightmare. Sam disappears. Kyra comes face to face with evil. A vampire. Will she escape? Or is her fate sealed?

Day 3 of 31 Days of Spooky

October 3

The Metro hasn’t seen scary like this! Check out the latest transportation spooky in

Thousands and thousands of people take the Metro every day, and most of them get to their destination without any trouble. But a few never arrive. Have they been kidnapped? Run off? Or have they been taken by the Ghost Train. Rolfe, respectable accountant whose biggest excitement is Friday night dinner out with the wife, is about to find out what happens when he steps onto The Metro Platform. It’s not your ordinary train ride.

Day 2 of 31 Days of Spooky

October 2
Somehow children always have a way of chilling you to the bone. Find out how these children chill in

While on a morning jog, a man suffering deep personal sorrow hears voices of dead children asking for help, to be set free. Are they real, or something else…feeling he must have answers, he begins a quest and in doing so learns more than he ever anticipated. Yes, after several unusual encounters he is finally able to learn the truth and what he must do to help – the tiny voices.          

Day 1 of 31 Days of Spooky

October 1

We’re starting our 31 Days of Spooky with some spine-tingling short stories. First up, Gilson Road Cemetery. Your mother always warned you about stepping on graves…

Do you believe in ghosts? What if one followed you home from Gilson Road Cemetery?

31 Days of Spooky

It’s that wonderfully eerie time of year again. The time of ghosts and zombies, vampires and witches that creep up on you and send shivers down your spine. To help bring in this frightful time of year we are happy to present our 31 Days of Spooky. We will be posting a new blurb each day, but for those of you who want to jump ahead here is our list of spooky, creepy, and truly horrifying:

Spine-Tingling Shorts:
Susanna Hargreaves
PJ Lawton
Peter Glassborow
Christen Davis
Nancy Barone Wythe
Kiss Carson
Carlos Pozo
Carlos Pozo
Carlos Pozo
Geoff Gander
Jonathan Isenor

Petrifying Paranormal:
Peter Glassborow
Dianne Hartsock
Bob Stewart

Ghoulish Ghosts
Martina Mercer
Sabrina Conrad
Krissie Williams
KJ Dahlen
Nikki Davidson
Angela Burke
Robert Gustaveson
Gary Peterson
Gary Peterson

Blood-Sucking Biters
Terese Mason
Stuart Clarke
Christen Davis
Denyse Bridger

Hex-Breaking Heroine
Devon Ellington

Hair-Raising Horror
Jonathan Isenor
Robert Leader
Robert Leader
Justin Robinson
Justin Robinson
David Diamantes
J. L. Petty

Witchy Wonder
Neale Orinick

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Release: At What Price

Katherine Gardner is awakened at 6:30 in the morning with a call from a strange woman who claims to have her granddaughter, Rio. This woman is calling the police if Katherine doesn’t make arrangements for somebody to pick this little girl up.

Katherine is fifty-six years old woman and all alone, since her husband died over three years ago. Her life takes a dramatic turn when six-year old Rio comes to stay with her. Rio is a scared little girl whose life is filled with uncertainty and fear.

In her grandmother, Rio finds a safe haven and an unconditional love that she has never known in her six short years and Katherine has found a love to fill the void that has been absent for way too long.

Unfortunately Katherine’s daughter, who deserted Rio, has other ideas.