Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 8 of 31 Days of Spooky!

On our 8th day of 31 Days of Spooky we explore the tantalizing touch of vampires in the Evolved series by Jude Stephens.
Our first book in the series is Scent of a Vampire
On a trip to Atlantic City with her best friend, Olivia Sherman discovers that she is an evolved being with highly developed senses. She also discovers that there are other evolved species in the world, including two extremely hot vampires that for some reason want her.
Roberto Valente is a dark, sensuous vampire who is used to being in command. Olivia finds herself drawn to him and what he can teach her about her out of control passion. Alexander Sandstrom is the light to Roberto’s darkness. It seems that the fun loving vampire doesn’t take anything too serious except his feelings for Olivia.
Overwhelmed and confused she is faced with an even greater threat. A secret organization, The Guardians want to use her abilities to hunt and kill the Evolved whom they consider abominations.
Her life in turmoil, she must choose her path and follow her heart to the vampire that is her destiny.

The second book of the series is Touch of a Vampire
Three months after learning she is one of The Evolved, Orenda Sherman’s world is turned upside down by betrayal. Deciding to take command of her own fate, Orenda begins a journey to discover her Native American heritage.
What she finds is a handsome man named Cheve, who will train her to fulfill her destiny of uniting the Evolved and the human race. Not only will he train her mind and body, but he will teach her how to control the flames of desire that are so easily ignited by the right touch.
Interrupting this crucial training are the two sexy vampires Orenda became entangled with in Atlantic City, Roberto who claims her heart and Alex who claims her soul. Orenda’s destiny will take her from a hidden Native American village to a unique resort reserved for The Evolved in the Bahamas where she will confront not only her ties to the two vampires, but those that seek to destroy her.

Third book of the Evolved series is Sleeping with the Jersey Devil
For 275 years Leeds lived in seclusion in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey letting very few people into his solitary life. When he finds a beautiful woman left for dead he really wants to walk away but when he discovers she is a Chinthe, one of the Evolved species, he decides to help her hoping she may in turn help him relieve his pent up sexual tension.
It doesn’t take long for Leeds to realize he’s in too deep. Mya Tun is being hunted by the Chinese Mafia for stealing the world’s largest diamond. But far worse, he finds himself caught in a web of sexual pleasure that he’s not sure he wants to escape.

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