Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

Horror and fear of what waits beyond this life is both a grim comfort and a rich vein of literary gold.

Why not check out The Ghost Garden by Martina Mercer?

Tinsey James believes in all things supernatural. When her father dies unexpectedly, she isn't surprised when his ghost shows up, but she still has no idea how to cope with the pain. With her family in shock, Tinsey feels it's up to her to fill the void he's left. Her mother is vulnerable, her brother unreliable, and her own son, Mickey, won't quit calling for his grandfather. As advertisers and bullying customers begin circling her bookshop, Tinsey must cling to other-worldly encounters with her father in their meeting place, the Ghost Garden, and trust his advice will get her through. Warnings don't prepare her for a sudden life altering interruption to her fragile world. It will take divine intervention and a boxing club, for Tinsey to learn how to apply everything her father has taught her and develop a courageous determination she never knew she had. In one life changing moment, can Tinsey conquer every fear she's ever faced and fight to hold her family together while letting her father go?

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