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Out of the Blue by Mary H. Collins

After her husband leaves her for a younger woman, Erika is slow to open her heart to another man. But when she finds the sexy neighborhood gardener standing shirtless on her doorstep, she decides to give love another chance. Unsure of herself after being out of the dating game for so long, Erika takes it slow, only to have her sister swoop in and steal him away. For the second time, her heart is broken. She sells everything and moves to an island where no one knows her. Thinking she has left her past behind, she gets a call that changes her life. Her ex-husband has been in an accident.
When he wakes up thinking he’s still married to Erika, her real trouble begins.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hunter Green by Brianna Stoddard

HUNTER GREEN will blow you away! It is an amazing story that will show you the world in a whole new light! It is focused on an incredible teenage girl, named Emily, who sadly loses her mother from a menacing, evil werewolf. Emily vows revenge and begins hunting the creatures down. She gets help from Isabella, a kind Psychic Gypsy that knows how to help her become the ultimate hunter. Emily realizes her destiny and becomes a killing machine. She starts her journey across the world and leaves no werewolf's blood un-spilled in this wonderfully dark and bloody story.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Rachel Beam's Hear Him Cry

58-year-old Henry, a remorseful man who lives mainly in his head, has just been reunited with Tessa, the daughter of his estranged best friend. Tessa has just been abandoned in a strange city by the last man she was able to trust.

Each essentially alone in the world, they forge an instant and seemingly unbreakable bond. But Henry must come to terms with an unforgivable mistake he made 15 years earlier; a secret shame that tore Tessa’s family apart. As the past begins to unfold, he struggles to confess before she discovers the truth for herself.
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Who is Rachel Beam and where can you find her?

James L. Hatch Guest Post

“Hello and welcome to all our readers. Thank you for stopping by the Solstice Publishing blog. I’m Mary Duke, and we are trying something new and exciting today—a mystery guest. In fact, this one is such a surprise, I have no idea who she is … or where she is. I knew this would be exciting, but I expected she would be here by now.”

Mary checks the hall for the tenth time, but only sees Andrea roaming around. “Andrea, aren’t we supposed to have a mystery guest today? You did tell her to show up fifteen minutes early, didn’t you?”

“Sure. All our guests are asked to come early. You don’t suppose she’ll stand us up, do you?”

“I hope not. That would be awkward. I don’t know who she is. It would be difficult to fill her time slot just talking about her.”

Andrea takes Mary by the shoulders and looks into her eyes with great resolve. “You can do this. Even if your guest is rude enough to miss her appointment, you can come up with something.” Then, with a wink, “Why don’t you just blow her out of the water?”

“Ah, I guess I could do that. It would be a lesson to others not to be late. Besides, ‘no shows’ make me angry enough to throttle them.”

Mary sighs and returns to her office. As she sits at her desk in a large pile of gloomy disappointment, a young woman pokes her head through the door. It is hard to see the woman’s face through the long blond locks curling down below her chin, until she flips her hair aside with a casual toss of her head. The woman steps in like she owns the office, struts to the guest chair and sits with the authority of the Queen of England. She’s wearing a form-fitting scooped-neck white cocktail gown, red heels and white gloves that extend from fingertip to elbow. Her makeup is flawless, highlighting sea-blue eyes that radiate confidence, and her skin emits a light scent of Diamonds perfume that has the same powerful impact as the ‘come hither’ aroma of fresh brewed coffee first thing in the morning. After many garment and posture adjustments, the young woman offers, “You must be Mary Duke” while extending her hand.

Mary reaches out with trepidation, wary something isn’t right. The woman is too self-assured; too perfect. Mary’s mind races with strange and conflicting thoughts. Does she have a comic’s buzzer in that gloved hand? She just flicked her mop when she came through the door, but not one hair is out of place. I hate that. My God, she’s attractive. If I were male, I’d ask her to lunch. Hell, I might anyway.

Their hands touch; there is no buzzer. The woman takes the tips of Mary’s fingers and moves them up and down as if afraid to break them. “I’m Miss Havana; pleased to meet you, I’m sure. Sorry to be tardy—it was unavoidable. I had a little ‘official business’ to take care of in order to appear here today. Not everyone in my chain of command believes I should show myself, if you know what I mean.”

“Actually, no, I don’t have a clue what you mean. Are you a government official?”

Miss Havana giggles. “No, silly, I have a much higher calling. If you like, you can call me the Angel of Death.”

Mary bolts upright; her posture stiff with apprehension. Melissa is setting me up! The woman is a nut bag. She doesn’t seem dangerous, but I think I’ll humor her to see where this goes. Opening the file on her desk, Mary responds, “Oh, of course. I must have missed that little detail in your file. So, when you say you had to get permission to ‘appear’ here, you meant ‘to be visible’, right?”

“Well, of course. Angels are not visible to the living; we have to get permission for that. I had to move some pretty heavy rocks to make this happen. You know, like heaven and earth.”

What a load of crap floats through Mary’s mind as her eyebrows narrow like the V-8 symbol on an old Chevy. “If I seem a little skeptical, I hope you’ll forgive me. It’s not every day I meet a real angel.”

“To forgive is divine.” Miss Havana crosses her legs and tugs her hem a tiny bit toward her knees, but leaves enough exposed leg to distract any male who might wander into the office.

Mary’s eyes break from Miss Havana’s shapely legs, and follow the graceful curves of her body until reaching Miss Havana’s eyes. “I’m familiar with the Old Testament concept of the Angel of Death, but I haven’t read much about one running around lately. What have you been up to?”

Miss Havana flicks her wrist, like she’s swatting at a fly. “Oh, same old, same old. Just dispatching evil on the surface like my predecessors did long ago. There are some pretty bad hombres above, you know. Most need a stern lecture about right and wrong. I was a substitute teacher before my death. The men I take time for now are a lot like some of the students I put in detention. I enjoy teaching them lessons they’ll never forget.”

 “So you’re the Miss Havana, the one from The Substitute? You look pretty good for someone murdered so many times … and with such vigor.”

“Why, thank you, Mary. I try. I believed appearance is important, like brushing your teeth. Yes, my death was nasty, to say the least, but I had the last laugh!” A wicked smile crosses Miss Havana’s face and an evil snicker emanates from her throat as she drifts in a moment of private reverie. Her bright smile returns when she snaps back to the interview. “Sorry. Personal memories sometimes bring as much pleasure as righting wrongs now. Too bad I had to endure Lucifer to get my retribution.”

“Lucifer? If you’re the Angel of Death, what’s he got to do with it?”

Miss Havana rolls her eyes. “It’s all in The Substitute, dear. You really should do your homework before inviting a guest aboard.”

“Okay, point made, I will. What are you doing now … as the Angel of Death? Are you and Lucifer still an ‘item?’”

“Right now I’m between tasks. I haunt a gorgeous advice columnist at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. She needs me, and she’s my kind of woman. You know, fastidious, a great body, dresses to the nines … she’s made to party if I can just loosen her up.”

“Can you give us an example of your work? Who have you lectured recently? How did that go?”

Miss Havana shudders, almost like she’s having a mild climax ... or a seizure. “You might check the Denver Post for articles on The Red Reaper.”

Mary’s demeanor becomes serious as she leans toward Miss Havana and frowns. “The one they found gutted like a fish and hung out to dry? That Red Reaper?”

With a simper, Miss Havana responds, “A stern lecture indeed. He won’t be a problem for any others. BTW, my story is being documented now. Solstice Publishing will soon expose my gifts in the novel, Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana! I thought I was invited here to discuss that.”

Mary looks puzzled and responds in flat monotone. “No. You were a surprise guest. I’m not sure why you were invited.”

Miss Havana stands, places her fists on her hips and her hurt look morphs to a glare. “I don’t believe this crap. You’re taking my time, and you don’t have a purpose? I could be lecturing some deserving individual right now! It’s not nice to screw with Mother Nature.” She slams the door on the way out.


Author’s note: In a moment of inspiration, the concept for my paranormal comedy novel, The Substitute, flooded my mind. The main character, Miss Havana, would be beautiful, conniving, resourceful, wicked beyond comprehension and hypocritical to the max. As a substitute teacher, her public life would be above reproach, but her private life as a party girl, drug dealer and extortionist would be something else entirely. She would be the character readers would love to hate, but even more, she would be the woman who would bring the devil down. I was giddy with anticipation when, in the wee hours of the morning, I sat down to write the opening line. The chapters flew by; the character took on a life of her own. The novel was completed in only two months and has consistently garnered five-star reviews. Following The Substitute, Miss Havana became the lead character in a sequel paranormal comedy novel, Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana! The sequel comedy has also received five-star reviews, and will be released by Solstice Publishing soon. A third paranormal based on Miss Havana is in work now, The Training Bra. In all novels she retains the evil and quirky characteristics that draw readers to her.

Thank you, Solstice Publishing, for having me here today. Thank you, readers, as well. I hope you will take the time to read the following reviews of The Substitute and Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana! If you like the reviews, please feel free to purchase the book from the Solstice Publishing web site, or other outlets where fine books are sold.

Five Star Review – The Substitute:
Additional reviews are posted on the Solstice Publishing web site and on

Five Star Review – Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana! by Tony-Paul De Vissage:  I have included the text of this review below because the web site at only retains reviews through 24 Jul 2011. The review of Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana! was originally posted on July 1, 2011.

“Divorced from Lucifer, overthrown by daughter Lilith, Miss Havana is surprised to find herself at the Pearly Gates in preparation for undergoing the Twelve Step Program for entering Heaven. She’s dubious and delighted by turns, but isn’t prepared for what’s awaiting her. Discovering she still retains some of her Nether World powers, the ex-Mrs. Satan launches herself into vigilante-mode, deputizing Hellish former henchman Waldo to help her out. Believing she’s now the Angel of Death, Miss Havana becomes a one woman clean-up committee, dedicating to abolishing terrorism and human trafficking from the Earth, and in doing so, sending a good many deserving souls to her daughter for proper punishment.

“For a while, it appears she’s succeeding, removing evil from the world and filling up Hell in the process, but things in the divine realm, as in the devilish one, are never what they seem, and in short order, Miss Havana, the woman whose motto has always been “Look out for #1, No One Else Will,” is going to find some of her beliefs shaken, discover some truths about herself, and learn of her murky origins…

“MY SOMEWHAT JAUNDICED OPINION: A little bloody in places, until you realize it’s purposely that way. Just as the slaying of Christian in A Pilgrim’s Progress was blatantly overkill, Miss Havana’s heavy-handed but gleefully righteous way of bringing to justice the wicked of this world have to be viewed as satirically, ironically overdone, and sometimes if she doesn’t exactly smell like a rose after an encounter, she at least reeks of righteous indignation. There’s some fundamentally true philosophy in this one, in keeping with the tone of the story, and though Miss Havana is in turn overwhelmed and underwhelmed by all she always goes through, she’s gradually touched by her surroundings, even when she refuses to admit it. Oh Heavens, Miss Havana isn’t the romp the first story was but its more serious note only underscores the ending. And what an ending…! I won’t give it away but if it doesn’t give you at least one sniffle, in the midst of all that dark laughter, then you’ve got Lucifer’s sensitivity.”

Thank you for reading,

James L. Hatch

James L. Hatch's Book's and Bio

Miss Havana’s public persona was far from the truth because, in her capacity as substitute teacher, the small community where she lived knew her as the breathtakingly beautiful young woman who demanded every student learn, but in her private life, ostensibly caring for aging parents in Chicago, she raced through the lives of powerful men, leaving a wake of destruction…and a deep desire for revenge. Little did she realize her conflicted life would end in a chaotic death at an early age, and to an eternal conflict with the devil. Clever and witty, the reader will not guess the conclusion of this novel until the final paragraph.
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*Not available yet.*

Author Bio
Although his Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. are in Chemistry and Meteorology, James worked as a scientist and system/software engineer before retiring a third time, then turned to writing. Extensive travel, from Thule, Greenland to Australia’s Great Barrier reef – and to dozens of countries in between – provide the real-life experiences he incorporates into everything he writes.

James enjoys boating, kayaking, skiing, traveling, hiking, tending nine grandchildren (no more than two at a time), and ballroom dancing, but his first love is writing, and all other activities are molded around it. He has completed eight novels and one short story, and intends to continue writing in the Sci-Fi and Paranormal Comedy genres. He has titles with and Solstice Publishing.

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Keeping Promises

The surprise alien attack nearly decimated their world…years later a young woman struggles to keep a promise made to her dying father—a promise to keep his dream alive…an ex-warrior strives to live by the oath he took—his promise to serve and protect the people of his world, or die trying…and a man journeys to find his long-lost brother with a promise to deliver a message from his brother’s dying wife—a promise to keep before his own time runs out…but when these lives cross, dangerous and outright deadly things happen. Soon the three realize that life can get complicated very quickly and it’s not always easy—keeping promises.
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Who is P. J. Lawton
I’m Paul F. Johnson, a military and civil service retiree. Always an avid reader, I decided to try my hand at writing and achieved quick success with over two dozen Mysteries, Sci-FI and Horror short stories published on-line and in print under the pen name P.J. Lawton.
My P.J. Lawton writing credentials now include three Private Detective mystery-adventure novels, Lethal Option, Lethal Judgment, and Lethal Knowledge and the recently completed time travel-mystery Time Ripples. My Sci-Fi novel, The Adventures of Majestic Kane, Galactic P.I. will soon be e-published as a ten-part series.
I have also published two paperback volumes of my horror and Sci-Fi short stories, Fleeting Glimpses and Beyond Hyperspace along with four children’s books in my Timmy series.
Now fully retired, I still enjoy reading and writing and keep busy working on several new projects and as a book reviewer for two different online review sites. Please check out my website for information on all my books.
Website Facebook

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The Kidnapping of Olivia Hammond

With Blood trickling down her face and chained to a basement wall, Olivia Hammond tries to figure out why she was kidnapped. It couldn't be for ransom because she has no money or rich family. Revenge is not a motive either because she is at peace with everyone and always tried to be a good neighbor. Her only hope is that her brother will discover the truth, but with no food or water, will he find her in time?

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Find out more about Gary Peterson

While I was still in high school in the early sixties my family moved in an old house out in the country. The walls creaked and dark shadows abounded. This was the inspiration for my novel.
Currently I live near the small community of Yakima, Washington with my wife and dog. I have a B. A. Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I acquired much of my knowledge about court procedures while working as a child protective services worker for many years. My hobbies include hiking, bowling, and reading a good mystery novel.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love Letters By Geraldine Solon

Bridal shop manager Chloe Rogers will soon marry Richard Foster—so she thinks—until suddenly, she bumps into her childhood sweetheart, Josh Goldman, whom she hasn’t seen in thirteen years. The sparks between Chloe and Josh fly, but Richard provides safety, financial security. Should she follow her heart or her head? The answer comes in a surprise twist. While cleaning her attic, she stumbles upon love letters written to her estranged mother forty years ago from a man she loved. When Chloe secretly brings them together again and sees how much time they’ve lost, she is challenged not to make the same mistake her mother made. Will Chloe opt for security or will she risk her heart and marry her true love?
Buy Love Letters PDF Paperback

Who is Geraldine Solon?
Author of Romance and Women’s fiction novels. She resides in California with her family. You can visit her website at, and or like her Facebook Page.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bella Signorina by Denyse Bridger

Set in Rome, Bella Signorina is a sweet, romantic story of two people who meet in a trendy caffè, and through the magic of dance and music discover they have many things in common. Bianca comes to Caffè Rosati every week, and for many weeks she's been watching a special man, a handsome, charming stranger who dances, flirts, and leaves alone each week. Bianca is a woman who enjoys her freedom, and has been hurt before, so she's not anxious to fall in love again. Something about the enigmatic Stefano has captivated her heart, though, and she is drawn to him in spite of herself. When she finally gathers her courage to approach him, and ask him to dance, little does she know that her entire world is about to change.
Stefano Esposito is a man who's past relationships have not left him much in the way of ideals about women. Many have claimed to love him, none have understood him. Stefano is a rare breed in today's world of fast-paced life and love. He is a gentleman, a man who many consider a little out of step with the times. For Stefano, falling in love is the completion of a soul, not the consummation of a sexual itch. He wants the woman in his life to respect, understand, and adore him, as he will her. When he meets Bianca, he wonders if he's finally found the one he's waited a lifetime for? She understands his internal conflicts, his desires, and his dreams, after only hours together.
When their attraction to each other flares too quickly and too intently, Stefano pulls back. Confused and uncertain, Bianca flees his beautiful home and business, and goes back to her busy life. But, once the dance has begun, is there a way to go back to what you knew before, or is it just a matter of time before the music lures you back to your dreams and, perhaps, makes them reality?
Who is Denyse Bridger and where can you find her?
Denysé Bridger:

Canadian born and bred, and a lifelong dreamer, I began writing at an early age and can’t recall a time when I wasn’t creating in some artistic form. My life has had several on-going love affairs that shape much of what I write, the American West, Victorian England, cowboys, a passion for pirates, Greek Gods, and Ancient Egypt. The other endless love affair in my life is Italia and all its magic, beauty, and dazzling culture. That passion spills into all aspects of my life.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Interview with Don Ford

1.     Tell us a little about Storytelling, what inspired you to write Royal Ferdinand?  I have a passion for children, young adults, the middle class, the retirement croud (Oldest ‘kids’)  My work is all age-appropriate.

2.     Do you have a favorite character you have written?  I thought no one would ever ask: “Invisibug, Unsung Hero, Private Eye”.

3. What are you currently working on?  8 books for a Grandmother for Christmas and for her Grandchildren.  One is not born yet, but she wants “Royal Ferdinand” for this child.

4. How long have you been writing?  What influenced you to start?  I’ve been writing since the age of 15.  I began by penning poems.  The thing that put a fire under me was the breakup of my parents.  I found writing put a positive spin on life and my attitude.

5.     How do your family/friends feel about your writing?  They are all supportive.  They were suprised how quickly things began to take off for me once I applied myself to begin submitting my work to various magazines and other venues.

6.     Where do you hope to be in 5 years?  I hope to be known well enough by then as a storyteller, that folks begin contacting me to speak.  It has been me doing all the cold calling on them.  Soon I will be able to see calls for my work finding their own way to me.  I hope to have a few books under my belt and published also.

7.     Do you have any advice for new or aspiring author?  Do not think that as you start to see your first work published that you can then sit back and expect work to start heading your way.  It won’t until a good amount of folks have not only read your work, but like it, and will follow you.  That is the measure of success; the following more than the number of readers.

8.     What is your favorite book? (one that you have read) and why?  I can’t think of a favorite book, but many short stories read in Junior High seemed to inspire me to also share short tales.  Most of what I have had published (Paying gigs) were my short stories that are short character-driven stories.  Oops, I do have a couple favorite books:  The Red Badge of Courage and The Scarlet Letter.  Both books led me into the lives and heads of the main characters.  Though both were fiction, I cared about what was happening to these unreal people.

9.     On the fun side, what is your favorite television show and why?  Much of the great writing that was applied to “The Heat of the Night” allowed the listener to hear things that were not spoken, but I knew what was going on in the heads of the main characters, that I took a major liking to.  They all seemed real in the roles they were cast in.  Anything I watch that stirs my emotions or gets me up out of my chair, I enjoy participating in.  It’s like when my favorite sports team is coming from behind to win the game! LOL

10.                        Where can readers find you ? (Include all links you want, facebook, twitter etc....)                                                                                    

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Interview with G Bryan Smith

  1. Where can we find you?
My five sci-fi novels are available for sale, in both paperpack and E-book formats on Solstice Publishing and Amazon, and in PDF format at Fictionwise, Coffee Time Romance, Manic Readers, and numerous other E-Book sites selected by Solstice.  My website is
  1. What is the link for the best review you have had?
My first sci-fi novel,  Challenge To The Stars, was reviewed in 2009 by Coffee Time Romance and received “four cups” which is very good for the strict Coffee Time Romance reviewers.
The link for the review is:
which you can highlight and paste in your browser. 
  1. What’s your favorite cover you have seen recently? (feel free to add a picture but please try to keep it pg 13 lol!)
I am actually very pleased with the cover used on my fifth sci-fi novella, Amira, published early this year. I will give you the link on Amazon as follows:
Solstice Link:
You can highlight either link and paste in your brower.
4. If you can have anyone read your book and give you feedback who would it be and why?
Without doubt, master horror writer Stephen King, who is not only the best at horror but, in my view and that of many commentators, the greatest fiction writer of the 20th and 21st centuries so far. Some people would assign that role to Thomas Pynchon (Gravity’s Rainbow) but I disagree.    
5. What is it that addicted you to your genre?
I grew up in the 1960’s with the original Star Trek and that fine, fine sci-fi anthology, the original black and white Outer Limits which best-selling horror writer Stephen King has called the best program of its kind to ever air on network television. I read every “Golden Age” novel of Science Fiction I could check out from the library or buy off the drugstore paperback racks: the novels of Robert Heinlein, Poul Anderson, Andre (Alice Mary) Norton, H. Beam Piper, Lester Del Rey, Robert Silverberg, Clifford Simak, and others.
 6. Your favorite author.
Stephen King. 
7. If you have a day job how do you balance everything.
I am a self-employed attorney. In short, you have to be efficient with your off-work time if you want to write. I have written five sci-fi novels from late  2007 through the end of 2010 and I could not have pulled it off without a disciplined writing schedule. For me, that means generally three hours per weekday evening (if I am not preparing for court the next day) and considerably more time than that over the weekends. Over the Christmas and New Year of 2007, when I happened to be alone, I wrote the first draft of my first sci-fi novel Challenge To The Stars.    
8. What does your writing schedule look like.
Again, at least a three hour writing block on the weekday evenings, and more than that over the weekend when I am immersed in a project. Ernest Hemingway commented that most people cannot ever finish a novel because they bog in the middle. There is always time to refine after you complete the first draft but you have to finish that first draft.  I took that to heart. In each of my five novels, I hit the ground running to finish the first draft. Once that is done, I typically edit and rewrite at least two to three more drafts before I deem it “final.”
     How long does the whole process take? It is said that Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in about 30 days. That may be do-able if you don’t work a day job as I do. Each of my five sci-fi novels took about four to six months from start to finish. I wrote Challenge to the Stars and Lizard World in late 2007- 2008. I wrote A Final Battle and The Master entity in 2009 and, finally, the novella (78 pages) Amira in August through December of 2010. Since Amira’s publication in early 2011, I have taken time off, having no further inspiration presently for the five novels/novellas which I call the “Colonel Kendrick Landry Space Adventure Series.” I don’t know for sure whether there will be a sixth Colonel Kendrick Landry story. Regardless, however, I do feel that there will be some writing project for me around the corner soon.      
9. Have you ever came across a book you don’t know why a publisher published?
Yes, just go to the paperback stands and look at all the trade-published garbage  by third-rate or worse writers. As they say, it is all in who you know.
10. Do you believe in self publishing?
Only if you have no alternative and you have plenty of money for publicity. “Legally Blonde” was self-published and made into a movie. The author spent a fortune on publicity. A better alternative for the average new author to break in exists in the “Indies,” or small independent publishers like Solstice. Large trade publishers are normally closed to new writers unless you have an established agent. In turn, most established agents will not take new writers as clients, a vicious cycle that feeds itself and bars most new writers from making the big time. A paradigm story is that Stephen King’s famous novel “Carrie,” made into a major motion picture, was rejected by the publishers some 33 times before one major trade publisher took a chance and picked it up.  But the Indies at least give the new writer a chance for publication, some public exposure, avoidance of a gazillion reject slips, and a better choice than self-publishing. 
11. Are you a believer in Karma?
The great cosmic “what comes around goes around.”
Frankly I don’t know. I do know that the world’s leading physicist, Stephen Hawkings, has recently expressed his view that there is no great beyond. In his view, life is generated randomly and spontaneously based on gravitational and other powerful but natural forces, and that is all there is to it. He compares the human brain to a computer hard drive and said, “I don’t believe in a heaven for worn-out hard drives.”  Hawkings is a truly brilliant man, but then again, what does he know about it?  That is his opinion—and you know what they say about opinions.   

Check back tomorrow to learn more about G. Bryan Smith!

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Guest Post with Andrea Buginsky

I have enjoyed writing all my life, but didn’t consider turning it into my profession until college. I grew up with heart disease, and had planned on going into the medical field to work with other children growing up with heart disease; but I wasn’t doing well in some of the courses required for my program. So, I had to reconsider my career goals. My sister said, “You love writing; why not do that?” And that’s when it hit me: she was absolutely right. I switched my goal to becoming a journalist.

After earning my BA in Mass Communications-Journalism, I began working as a freelance writer from home. Over the last few years I’ve written web copy for several different web sites, including Associated Content,, and Daily Glow. I also decided I wanted to try my hand at writing a book. My first attempt was an adult romance novel, but I could never seem to complete it, no matter how often I tried. Then I decided I wanted to write for children, and tried, unsuccessfully, to write a series of short stories. When that didn’t work either, I knew it was time to return to the drawing board.

More about Jim Baugh

Well to start I can say that there is a contest on his facebook page, the 100th person to like his page will win a PDF copy of Hooked, so hop on over there and check it out.

Have you had a chance to check out Jim's Blog?

You can view some of the reviews he has had.HERE
You can read the first chapter HERE
You Can enter to win a FREE Kindle HERE
You can order your own copy or contact Jim HERE

Jim Baugh


Jim Baugh has been producing national and regional television shows for close to 30 years. Programs include: Award winning Jim Baugh Outdoors TV (220 episodes), Ski East, Classic Fishing. Fishing Virginia and, RV Times. Jim also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Music from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jim writes, performs, and engineers all the soundtracks for his television programs.
Jim Baugh Outdoors has broadcast on The Family Channel, The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman Channel, Fox Sports, America One, and many broadcast affiliates throughout the Mid-Atlantic and South East.
Writer \ Author
Jim Baugh has written over 300 columns for numerous magazines during the last 23 years including:
Motor boating Magazine, Fishing Smart, The Chesapeake Angler, The Sportsman Magazine, Woods and Waters, Colonial Outdoors, Virginia Beach Sports Fishing and Travel Virginia Magazine.
Jim also writes and manages three on-line blogs including “Jim’s Galley” and the “JBO TV” main website.
Jim Baugh’s first published book, “HOOKED” was released by Solstice Publishing world wide late June of 2011. The book instantly won critical acclaim and earned a five star rating and was featured book of the month by the publisher during the first month’s release.
Jim’s second book, “COOKED” stories behind the recipes will be released during the fall of 2013.
Jim Baugh resides on the Hampton River by the Chesapeake Bay and still produces Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. Jim works in association with other producers and writers as well.

Click here for Jims weekly column on Virginia Beach Sport Fish


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Hooked By Jim Baugh

“HOOKED” is based on the true-life story of Virginia outdoor television producer Jim Baugh. Jim Baugh Outdoors TV is one of Americas most diverse and entertaining outdoor programs and has been in syndication since 1989.
“HOOKED” is a hilarious look behind the scene stories of filming a southern outdoor TV show. From the Chesapeake Bay to Key West these on location excursions will make your sides hurt with laughter. A cast of sea faring characters full of color and humor. From the docks in Gloucester Virginia to the Atlantic Ocean and a boat load of jolly swashbuckling Pirates. The stories and characters in “HOOKED” are timeless and span a period of over forty years.
In contrast, “HOOKED” also explores the solemn drama of dealing with divorce, death, and mental illness.
The story also delves into the totally crazy insane world of mid-life on-line computer dating. This is a hilarious look at dating in the computer world after 25 years of solid marriage. These “Dating” stories are contemporary, racy, scary, cheerful, timeless, and based on true events. Anyone who is old enough to date will soon relate to “HOOKED” as the comical reference for dating in the new millennium.
This adult romantic comedy story also relates to the power and testament of faith.
50 Years of an exciting action packed extremely charismatic colorfull life and career, packed into 28 chapters . It is a fast ride for sure.
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Bio: Jim Baugh has been producing National and Regional television shows for 25 years. Programs include: Jim Baugh Outdoors TV (220 episodes), Ski East, Classic Fishing. Fishing Virginia and, RV Times.
Jim Baugh has written over 300 columns for numerous magazines during the last 20 years including: Motor boating Magazine, Fishing Smart, The Chesapeake Angler, The Sportsman Magazine and Travel Virginia Magazine.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Chasing Amanda by Melissa Foster

Nine years ago, Molly Tanner witnessed a young girl’s abduction in the busy city of Philadelphia, shifting her occasional clairvoyance into overdrive. Two days later, the girl’s body was found, and Molly’s life fell apart. Consumed by guilt for not acting upon her visions, and on the brink of losing her family, Molly escaped the torturous reminders in the city, fleeing to the safety of the close-knit rural community of Boyds, Maryland.
Molly’s life is back on track, her son has begun college, and she and her husband have finally rekindled their relationship. Their fresh start is shattered when a seven-year-old girl disappears from a local park near Molly’s home. Unable to turn her back on another child and troubled by memories of the past, Molly sets out to find her, jeopardizing the marriage she’d fought so hard to hold together. While unearthing clues and struggling to decipher her visions, Molly discovers another side of Boyds, where the residents--and the land itself--hold potentially lethal secrets, and exposes another side of her husband, one that threatens to tear them apart.

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Who is the Author
"Melissa Foster is a wonderful connector of readers and books, a friend of authors, and a tireless advocate for women. She is the real deal"--Author Jennie Shortridge

Melissa Foster is the award winning author of two novels, Megan's Way and Chasing Amanda. She is the founder of the Women's Nest, a social and support community for women, and is currently collaborating in the film production of Megan's Way. Melissa hosts an annual Aspiring Authors contest for children, she's written a column featured in Women Business Owners Magazine, and has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Melissa is currently working on her next novel, and lives in Maryland with her family. Melissa's interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping women see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.

Coming September 2011: Women's Literary Cafe, an extension of The Women's Nest, will promote the writing community, bridging the gap between readers and authors. The Women's Lit Cafe will offer free promotions to authors, reviewers, bloggers, and editors--bringing readers, authors, and author services together under one umbrella in a free, easily navigable venue.

Megan's Way
2011 Beach Book Award Winner (Spirituality)
2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist (Spirituality)
2011 Readers Favorite Awards, Finalist in two categories: Fiction/Drama, Women's Fiction (Winners TBD Sept 2011)
Nominated Dan Poynter's Global eBook Award 2011 (Winners TBD summer 2011)

Chasing Amanda
2011 Readers Favorite Awards, Finalist in three categories: Women's Fiction, Paranormal/Fiction, Suspense/Mystery (Winners TBD Sept 2011)
Nominated Dan Poynter's Global eBook Award 2011 (Winners TBD summer 2011)
Member: Maryland Writers' Association

Friday, September 23, 2011

Brandon's Secret By Lizzy Stevens

Rochelle moves to the beach to get her life back on track after her mother dies in a car accident. Shortly after she arrives she meets tall, dark and sexy Brandon. Night after night he shows up at her beach house and they have a great time together, but he never comes around during the day. Where does he go all day? He says that he is at work all day , but Rochelle decides to do a little digging around and unveils more than she wants to. What secret is Brandon keeping? “Brandon’s Secret” is a short story packed with romance, mystery, and secrets.
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About the Author Lizzy Stevens
Lizzy Stevens born September 11, 1976 is married and the mother of two wonderful boys. She has written several books that you will find here at Solstice Publishing. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and writing.
You can find her on her:
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