Saturday, November 5, 2011

Keeping Promises

The surprise alien attack nearly decimated their world…years later a young woman struggles to keep a promise made to her dying father—a promise to keep his dream alive…an ex-warrior strives to live by the oath he took—his promise to serve and protect the people of his world, or die trying…and a man journeys to find his long-lost brother with a promise to deliver a message from his brother’s dying wife—a promise to keep before his own time runs out…but when these lives cross, dangerous and outright deadly things happen. Soon the three realize that life can get complicated very quickly and it’s not always easy—keeping promises.
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Who is P. J. Lawton
I’m Paul F. Johnson, a military and civil service retiree. Always an avid reader, I decided to try my hand at writing and achieved quick success with over two dozen Mysteries, Sci-FI and Horror short stories published on-line and in print under the pen name P.J. Lawton.
My P.J. Lawton writing credentials now include three Private Detective mystery-adventure novels, Lethal Option, Lethal Judgment, and Lethal Knowledge and the recently completed time travel-mystery Time Ripples. My Sci-Fi novel, The Adventures of Majestic Kane, Galactic P.I. will soon be e-published as a ten-part series.
I have also published two paperback volumes of my horror and Sci-Fi short stories, Fleeting Glimpses and Beyond Hyperspace along with four children’s books in my Timmy series.
Now fully retired, I still enjoy reading and writing and keep busy working on several new projects and as a book reviewer for two different online review sites. Please check out my website for information on all my books.
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