Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 11 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

 The last in our spine-tingling short stories brings us two books by Jonathan Isenor

“What do you mean my parents are dead?” Jack Foster yelled at the phone.

With those few words Jack Foster’s world forever changed. His much-loved parents were dead in an apparent double suicide. Left to pick up the pieces with his somewhat estranged brother, Jack soon discovers that there may have been more to their parents’ death than meets the eye and he immediately suspects the cold-hearted sibling, Ripley.

But when a series of bizarre letters start arriving at Jack’s home, apparently sent from beyond the grave signed by his dead parents, a terrified Jack realizes he’s dealing with much more than sibling rivalry and seeks to uncover the shocking truth of his parents’ demise, and their link to the legendary Dead City.


“Mom! Dad! No!” Jake cried as he dropped to his knees, hands shaking and coated in their blood.
Jake Anderson’s life had always been shrouded in mystery; and a feeling that he was living a lie constantly nagged at him. When a journal shows up from an unaddressed sender and someone begins to act out his nightmares killing his loved ones, things start to spin out of control. 

But with the victims blood on his hands is he creeping toward insanity or merely uncovering a truth?

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