Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18 of our 31 Days of Spooky!

Love doesn't always die with the body.  Sometimes it lingers as in KJ Dahlen's novel about the secrets of the Bradbury Inn.

The town is filled with rumors claiming Bradbury Inn is haunted. The spirits of Claire and Matilda Bradbury and George Walker have haunted the inn since a fire destroyed it eighty years ago.

Jillian Levy has come to Bradbury Inn to discover the truth behind the hauntings. Shortly after she arrives the only other person who was at the Inn all those years ago returns.

Mathew Nixen has returned to find his true love, Matilda. He believes the only way to break the inn's curse and set his love's spirit free is to find her body.

Together they search for answers, but will it be too late? They must get Jillian out of the inn before Death comes to take the souls he was denied so long ago.

Can they save her in time?

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