Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interview with Eamonn


1. Where can we find you? – just set up awaiting publication

2. What is the link for the best review you have had? None yet

3 Why did you choose Solstice? They suit the genre of my book – paranormal/fantasy

4. What’s your favorite cover you have seen recently? (feel free to add a picture but please try to keep it pg 13 lol!)

5. What catches your attention with other books? Quirky characters, unusual events in ordinary situations

6. Do you treat a book as a book, for the story inside, or do you judge a book by the author and or the way it’s published? The story inside absolutely

7. Ebooks VS Books (Feel free to explain) Just getting used to e books but have a lingering fondness for holding paper book in my hands

8. If you can have anyone read your book and give you feedback who would it be and why?

9. What is it that addicted you to your genre?

10 Your favorite author. Haruki Murakami

11. Favorite color.

12. Something your bio’s won’t tell us.

13. Advice to others? Keep writing what you want to write, forget about the market when you write, try to do a bit of writing every day. Character begets story. Make your characters complex and your stories simple.

14. If you have a day job how do you balance everything.

15. What does your writing schedule look like. I am self employed doing management consultancy so try to fit in some writing time daily but divide that between writing screenplays (currently finishing a feature animation about a prepubescent ostrich called Ozzy) and writing fiction.

16. Do you find that writing keep you sane? Yes

17. If you could bring one of your characters to life, would you, and why? Yes my character Foxy is a feisty sixteen year old girl who has had bad breaks all of her life but is full of potential and will make it no matter what.

18. If you had a magical power what would if be?

19. Do you believe in magic?

20. If we were to play rock paper scissors what would your first choice be?

21. If you could control one of the elements what would it be?

22. What annoys you in books? Too much description – less can be more – look at Hemingway, McCarthy, Raymond Carver.

23. Have you ever came across a book you don’t know why a publisher published? Many times

23. Are you a grammar nazi, or do you find yourself more intertwined with the story to deal with the editing part. Have to admit to being a grammar and spelling fiend  - errors tend to distract from the story

24. Do you believe in self publishing? Open minded but much self published material I read may be more to do with ego than quality. Much of it is autobiographical and I have yet to actually meet someone whose life story will hold my attention for 300 pages.

25. Make up a question and have at it J

26. Tell us a joke.  Q What’s the difference between a mouse and a packet of peanuts A I dunno Response I would never send you shopping.

27. What is the weirdest thing you have come across in your writing career?

28. Randomly tell us what you thought as you were reading these questions.

29. Are you a believer in Karma. Yes – do unto others before they do unto you J

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  1. 'unusual events in ordinary situations'. Those are the books I like to read as well. :)