Thursday, July 14, 2011

Karmic Liking Chain with Novel Publicity

A great way to get your FACEBOOK PAGE out is the Novel Publicity Karmic chain on Fridays.

In order to participate you need to first follow them on Facebook!!/novelpublicity

This is an amazing way to get your page out there! Emlyn is a genius I swear!

A few key things though that are mentioned in the rules.

#1 You HAVE to like others pages from your PERSONAL page if you like a page from a likable page it DOES NOT work, the number of likes on the page stay the same

#2 Take the time to like others back. Whether you post your link in the morning and go back that night and catch up and or you just liking new pages all day.

#3Mmake sure you post the phrase "Novel Publicity is a great resource for writers, as well as the link to the chain" on your Likeable page first! That way your active in the chain, if you don’t post this your page won’t be liked "Emlyn does check!"

#4 If you want to when you like a page you can let them know by posting your link on their page.

AGAIN this is a great great opportunity, the chain is growing she had 175 comments on the last one! People got tons of new likes, it just takes a few seconds to do, and it greatly pays off!

Be sure to check out Novel Publicitys Website, , as well for other opportunities for writers!!!!

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