Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Football Widow by Tracye Wilhelm

The Football Widow


The football season has officially begun!

Wednesday, Thursday, all day Sunday, Monday; College on Saturday;

The pig-skin; pre-game tailgating; facepaint;

The cheering, the shouting; the crying (you know who you are!), it’s enough to change your McDreamy into drooling couch potato, and you looking for something a little more…interesting… engrossing… and heart palpitating!


If Clay Matthews doesn’t spark your flame, check out the flaming hot Matthews brothers. Dane Matthews wins a feisty bride in a poker game that brings him trouble with his brothers in The Payment. In book two, Jesse Matthews walks away from the love of his life. When she walks back into his life unexpectedly he has to prove to her he won’t repeat The Foolish Decision again. And Jeff finds his life Shaken and Shook up when he rescues beautiful Pinkerton Detective Perry.


For a more passionate experience than being a member of Raider Nation, try the rugged outback of Passion Victoria, Australia. Follow the trials, adventures, and passionate loves of Toni, Nikki, Hailey, Beth, Tash, and Duncan and Alec as they battle haunted pasts, kidnappings, and mobsters. Even with all this heart pounding excitement, they each find love so passionate that it can only be enjoyed in multitudes!


Feeling like you’ve been betrayed and lied to by McDrooly’s semi-permanent obsession of the TV? So to is ex-SEAL under cover operative Jack Sealed In Lies when he is betrayed by his own Deputy Director. Now racing to discover why, he uncovers an assassination attempt on the president elect, and rescues the future love of his life. Unable to remove the betrayal in his life Jack is Captures In Lies when the life of his sister is at stake.


And if you’re looking for a more suspenseful guard than Giants’ Mitch King, read on as CEO giant Mitch Jacobs races to save the world, his company, and the loves of his life in The Mitch Jacob's trilogy. As you follow him Denver to Pakistan, and London, to Bogota, you’ll soon learn that this CEO makes dynamic Executive Executions and it is never Business as Usual!


So if this year’s fantasy draft has left you fantasizing about a different playbook, look for these, and other exciting series’ published by Solstice Publishing to get you through this football season!

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