Saturday, June 30, 2012

Writing Tip From Jessica Tornese

Enjoy this writing tip from Author Jessica Tornese:

When writing, don’t be concerned with the little details, and stopping to constantly redo the few paragraphs you’ve written. Just write until all the important stuff is out of your head. You can always go back and edit- but get out the initial plan first. You’re going to have to rewrite anyway, but I find that my initial basic outline is the best one!

Fifteen-year-old Kate Christenson is pretty sure she’s about to experience the worst possible summer at her grandparents’ rural farm in Baudette, Minnesota. Without cable, cell phones, or computers, she is headed for total isolation and six tedious weeks of boredom.
Until the storm.
A freak lightning accident has Kate waking up in 1960.
But she is not herself. She’s the aunt she never met but has eerily resembled her entire life.
Thrust into living a dirt-poor, rural farm existence, Kate struggles to make sense of her situation - a boyfriend with a dark side, a “townie” who steals her heart, and the knowledge that 1960 is the very summer her aunt drowns in the local river.
But was the drowning an accident or a suicide… or something much worse?

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