Monday, May 14, 2012

New Release: Daughter Of Hauk

For the orphaned elf, Arwenna, life had treated her kindly. Her human foster parents raised her well, preparing her for life as a cleric of the God, Silas. The illusion shattered when she was convicted of treason by the Paladins of Silas and executed.
Death wasn’t the paradise she expected. Tortured by demons, the layers of lies that had clouded her mind began to peel away. She’d been tricked into betraying Senyan, a man she thought she loved. Her skills had been used to bind the Demon Lord, Corse, to him. She was never intended to serve Silas. Arwenna bore the mark of a Daughter of Hauk.
Would Hauk give her the chance to stop Corse from fully manifesting in the world? And would she be able to save Senyan from the abyss she helped send him to?

Twitter: @DaughterHauk

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