Friday, April 16, 2010



When Shannon Bank's fiancé rushes to Sicily to collect his inheritance, he disappears without a trace.

She has no choice but to leave the safety of their home in the United States and jump on a plane to follow his tracks into the unknown. She knows next to nothing about Sicily, except for his fascinating tales.

There, she encounters Damiano Malandrino, a sexy actor who is determined to bar her path and keep the truth from her.

 Just out of prison for murder, he is brusque and dangerous, but also suave, enigmatic and painfully alluring.

Accidently seeing him with another woman awakens needs in Shannon that she never knew she had, but being determined to find her fiancé she tries to resist the flames of desire that all but consume her.

 In her quest for the truth, Shannon faces deception, danger and death. Will she find the truth or succumb to the desires of a Sicilian Stranger?

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